Sit On Top Kayaks 

Some people enjoy the feeling of safety offered by the sit on top kayaks, especially if you’re wanting to play on the waves where regular capsize is more likely to occur. We carry a range of in-store sit on top kayaks including basic and affordable entry-level play boats, fishing kayaks, racing kayaks for the enthusiasts, large two and three-seaters designed for the family and some designed specifically for surfing the waves.

Yes, there are a lot to choose from, however every kayak we stock has a specific purpose, that's why we recommend that you pop in to our kayak store where one of our experienced staff can help you find the perfect kayak for you.


Scorpio Terrapin

What a little beauty!  This kayak offers the keen kayak fisherman all the features of an expensive fishing kayak but at a fraction of the cost.

Features includes the FOUR  flush-mounted rod holders, swivel rod holder in the middle and two large storage hatches .

The Terrapin is extremely stable and has a well defined keel for excellent tracking (easy to keep it on a straight course) .  Suitable for kids and larger paddlers up to 130Kg. 

Scorpio Terminator 10

An awesome little fishing kayak packed with features.   The centre console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories. Features include: Centre console with hatch,swivel rod holder, large storage hatch up front, side carry handles and paddle park, 4 flush rod holders, drink holder, scupper plugs, large rear stern well and adjustable rudder.

Scorpio Terminator 12

A larger fishing kayak for the bigger fisherman or just wanting something a bit faster and more efficient. The centre console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories.  This can also be enlarged if you are wanting to store larger items in the centre console. Features include: Centre console with hatch, swivel rod holder, large hinged hatch on the front, side carry handles and paddle park, 2 flush rod holders, drink holder, scupper plugs, large stern well, adjustable rudder.

Hurricane Skimmer 116 

The Skimmer 116 is a darn good looking sit on top. The lines split the difference between beautifully classic and cutting-edge modern with a finish so glossy you can see yourself in it. It’s a sit on top that begs to be put in the water, and when you get it there (in the wet stuff), the Skimmer 116 performs.

With its touring style hull and FlowMax scupper system, the Skimmer 116, well, skims across the water, cuts through waves, and slices through chop. Oh, and it weighs in at a slight 17kg, which raises the performance bar to a new level when you’re tossing this bad boy on your racks.

Hurricane Skimmer 128

The Skimmer 128’s touring style hull and Trylon construction allow it to easily outpace other kayaks in its class, and its low seat-pan and comfortable outfitting make you feel totally connected with the boat.

Fully-featured from bow to stern with a generous bow hatch, two day hatches and (optional) rudder, the Skimmer 128 is designed for serious paddling, and anglers will be overwhelmed by the outfitting opportunities this lightweight SOT has to offer. The Skimmer 128 comes standard with retractable rudder.

Riot Escape 9

The Riot Escape 9  is one of our new best sellers amongst the small sit-on top kayaks. Suitable for paddlers up to 85kg the Escape 9 is stable and tracks beautifully, thanks to its catamaran hull. With a high-gloss finish, storage compartment and fitted standard with the best sit on top seat around, the Riot Escape is an unbelievable package. 
The riot Escape also stacks perfectly so if you're looking for two or more it's no problem stacking them on your car or storing them at home.

DAG Midway

The DAG Midway has a sea kayak bow allowing it to tackle even large surf. Its extra length offers more storage, improved efficiency and better stability in choppy conditions.

No other sit on top kayak performs like this! 

The DAG Midway is broad throughout and has a longer waterline.  As such the Midway tracks well and is very stable, making it suitable for surf and longer distance touring, for paddlers from 50kg up to 110kg.